Saturday, 8 December 2007


That reminded me of the old place, and the funniest thing I ever saw. Back in those days we all got paid monthly, but it was always on a Friday by cheque. So every payday we would all squeeze into a couple of cars and drive into town on the dinnertime to pay them into the bank, then get a bag of chips for dinner.
This one particular Friday dinnertime we had gone in the one lad’s car who had only past his test and got a car a few months before. We were driving down the High Street looking for a space to park, meanwhile there was a woman who had just driven into a space and was fiddling about with her handbag. The next thing we knew there was a bang, and I looked behind in disbelief as this woman sat in her car with no door on it. She’d swung the car door open to get out just as we were driving past. The lad driving our car stopped, got out. The woman was saying something that her couldn’t understand (she sounded foreign). So not knowing the protocol for this kind of thing he picked up the woman’s car door off the floor and handed it to her. Then he got back into the car and drove off. We ended up parking in a side-street. It was the timing that was the funniest thing. If she’d have stepped out of the car before we got there we might have hit her. If she’d only have opened the door a tiny bit, we wouldn’t have took the door clean off. The picture of him handing her door back to her has stayed with me for years

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