Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Coming down

No one was too shocked after Dan’s three day drug-fest in Amsterdam that he was phoning in sick on Tuesday morning. I was quite surprised he had turned up on Monday afternoon. I imagine that after spending three days solid smoking weed, he wouldn’t feel great when he had to return to earth. He had mentioned yesterday that he’d tried some of the special muffins they had in the coffee shops. I told him he should have brought some into work, like some people bring back cakes and sweets after they’ve been on holiday. That would have been a good Monday afternoon.
I e-mailed Lee (who used to work for us and now lives in Rotterdam). He’d met him over there. I asked if Dan had done anything embarrassing while he was out of it. This is his response:

“I was too tired, been working on the house. I came down to amsterdam for a couple of hours with Dan and a few friends. Tan was monged out!!! took him and a few other guys to find a bar called "lost in Amsterdam". couldn't find it but we got lost anyway! He brought a camera with him so I made him take some pictures. He didn't do anything embarassing just sat around like a statue.”

I e-mailed him back saying that was all he did on Monday afternoon too.

We also found this, which we think would be a fantastic present for Dan’s Secret Santa. Only available at t-shirt-hell.com

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Carla said...

Cool T-shirt. I'm gonna get one.