Thursday, 20 December 2007

Secret Santa Day

Another year done and dusted for the Secret Santa scheme. The best bit was one of the guys wrapping Clive’s present up in girly pink Christmas paper with fairies on. I think he should get the prize for most attention to detail. His present was one of the top few too, an elastic band gun (knowing how much Clive likes to flick elastic bands around the office. I had a go with it when Junior was being a pain in the arse, you can fire three or four in quick succession. Look at the enjoyment on Clive’s face.

I gave Dan a dancing snake/mp3 player speaker (photo to follow), which wasn’t as big as hit as I thought with him. I think that he didn’t realise what it was to start with. Then I think he got a bit embarrassed when everyone wanted a listen, and it created a bit more noise than he’d have liked.
Junior rubbished everyone’s presents, then declared that he wanted to something a bit different next year. He got a ball scratcher from Eric (no photo available). I think he was a bit disappointed. Full marks to Eric for noticing Junior’s need.


Carla said...

Great pictures. Clive looks really happy with his pink fairy wrapping paper. You didn't say what you got yourself. Also, you haven't mentioned what you lot are doing for your Christmas meal/night-out. My lot like to go for a Chinese then get completely drunk. We don't do a Secret Santa, but I might suggest one for next year. It looks fun.

Joe said...

Nice blog. Have a Mery Xmas from Hong Kong.

Anonnoblog said...

I got a book called "Delete this at your peril" by Bob Servant. I'm witholding judgement on if it's a good read or not. Junior reckoned that books weren't a real present, then tried to convince Eric he was dyslexic. Eric told him that it "explained a lot", but didn't fall for it.

Caroline said...

Very funny.
Merry Christmas. Hope you carry on blogging for some time to come. Any chance of getting the "I work with fools" website upand runnign again?

Anonnoblog said...

I would like to see the "I work with fools" site running again, but I can't get a contact for the site. I've tried e-mailing them, but I think they've given up. I started reading the book I got for Secret Santa over Christmas. It was okay for a freebie, I would waste money on it. I would like to do reviews for the Culture Show, or the Book show in future.