Monday, 10 December 2007

Dan in Amsterdam

Dan returned from his long weekend in Amsterdam. A couple of his mates had dropped out, even though they had paid for flights and weren’t going to get a refund. He took some convincing earlier last week to go with his two other mates , who still wanted to go. He told us all that the first thing they did after dropping off their bags at the hotel was go to a coffee shop and get some weed to smoke, and was stoned all th etime he was there. He met up with Lee (one of our ex-employees, who now works in Rotterdam). He didn’t say much to him because he was so stoned. He thinks all he said was “hello” when he met them, and didn’t speak to him at all after that. He told us about the red light area, which they visited each night they were in Amsterdam, although they didn’t partake of the ladies. He explained that there were some older prostitutes there, about 40-45 years old.
“Nice?” asks Nige.
“Yeah, not bad actually. There were some really ugly ones as well though. Scary Isaw two guys going into the same door, for a threesome or something. There were some 60 year old men asking for prices.”
“Well you have to be careful when you’re relying on a pension.” I said.
They spent Saturday night/Sunday morning looking for a bar with a TV to watch the fight. The one they found was crowded and boiling hot.
On the way to the hotel in the morning he had a massive spliff, because he’d got a gram of stuff left, and he wasn’t going to throw it away. So he was high on the plane back as well.

Surprisingly, after his three day drug-fest, he wasn't up to doing much work and ended up going home at 3.00.

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