Monday, 12 November 2007

Smuggling Dan

Dan is off to Amsterdam with his mates for a long weekend soon. He was deciding if he should smuggle some stuff back. I told him when I went there wasn’t much security, but now they search you for liquids in your hand luggage. He’s thinking of hiding some stuff in his suitcase, but is a bit wary that they use sniffer dogs. I suggest he hides them in a bag of aniseed balls.
“What’s aniseed balls?” he asks. So me and Nige have to try and tell him what aniseed balls were and where we might find somewhere to sell them.
He decides a better idea is hiding some drugs in a box of Pringles.
“Once you’ve popped you can’t stop” says Nige.

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Anonymous said...

It always looks easy to sneak stuff through. I don't think they really care if you're travelling within Europe.