Monday, 13 August 2007

Car trouble

Karen’s had a bad weekend her car was broken into and her £450 stereo nicked from her car on Saturday afternoon, while she was parked outside the football ground. She normally takes her facia off and takes it with her, but she wasn’t sure what she was going to be doing, because she wasn’t down to work in the ticket office, and didn’t want to carry it around with her.
I should explain that on Saturdays she works at the local football ground, either doing admin or working in the ticket office. She was upset because she had a £500 excess on her insurance. She claimed for her back window though, that was only £60 excess.
She was annoyed that the police were useless too. There are security cameras all around the ground, and on a Saturday afternoon it’s crawling with coppers patrolling the ground looking for trouble. She couldn’t find one. Then when she phoned up they wouldn’t send a patrol car back, even though they were just driving round. The police just wanted to handle things over the phone (they only want to give you a crime number for your insurance). She drove over to the police station to report it to be greeted by a policewoman telling her she couldn’t park there.
“That’s what I got as a greeting. “You can’t park there”, I could have just been raped.”
She told the rozzer on the front desk that there are security cameras all around the ground, but from his tone of voice they weren’t even going to bother to look at them. He didn’t even want to go and look at the car. She said “What’s he going to get for it anyway, about £20”.
To top it all they lost the football match as well.
They acted as if they just didn’t want the trouble. They’ve probably only just let the culprit out of prison on the new early release scheme. Then the police will go and appeal for help from the public and are surprised when no-one is interested in talking to them.


Anonymous said...

Yes. The police are all dickheads.
I wouldn't p*ss on one if they were on fire.

Anonymous said...

All rozzers are useless. When I had my car broken into they didn't want to know either. I think that petty car thieves just get let off anyway, so they can't be bothered to catch them.I also think that there is some kind of a conspiracy between them and the insurance companies.There is something od about them giving out crime numbers for your insurance company to use, and doing nothing else.

Anonnoblog said...

Not a lot of police fans about then.