Thursday, 2 August 2007

Genuine slide from Julys Team Brief

This is taken from a real slide for Team Brief:

“A positive example of how raising awareness can influence our behaviour and make this a safer place to work.

On 31 January this year, we held ‘staircase day’. This was an opportunity for everyone based at office sites to take a short time out to learn about a major injury that involved a colleague falling down stairs and discuss our approach to safety.

In the four months prior there had been 27 incidents when people had fallen on stairs and in the four months since there has been a reduction to seven.
This improvement is down to your efforts in making sure you are aware of the risks and in challenging each other. A manager visiting the head office recently was seen to answer his mobile phone whilst walking up the staircase and was please to be challenged about a momentary lapse.

“I just wasn’t thinking, and was really pleased when someone stopped me and pointed out that I was putting myself at risk. My own and others safety is extremely important to me and this was a moment’s lapse that highlighted to me the need to be constantly aware and the importance of looking out for each other.” Colin Sankey, Head of Strategic Change,

People often don’t appreciate the impact that a momentary lack of concentration can have. Broken bones can mean that you can’t drive and/or be the family taxi, do the shopping, play sport and lots of other day-to-day things we take for granted. Are you confident to challenge unsafe behaviour when you see it?"

Yes, they really did spnd some time showing the staff how to walk up and down stairs properly.

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