Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Mid stream

I’m in the gents when Dan rings me, mid-stream, on my mobile.
I manage to stop and answer it.
“Are you at work?” he starts off, because he has phoned in sick before when I’ve been on holiday.
“Yes, I’m at work.”
“Are you in the toilets?”
“Yes, it’s okay I’ve finished peeing and I was just about to flush. Are you coming in, or you off sick still?”
“No, I’m not coming in I still feel lousy.. I tried phoning Karen, but she wasn’t answering.”
“No, well she does weird stuff some days, turning off her phone or screening calls. Are you likely to be in tomorrow?”
“I don’t know, probably not, but if I do feel better I’ll come in.” (It’s always good to know that he’ll consider coming in to work if he’s not sick anymore).
“I’m not about tomorrow anyway, got a days holiday. So if you are in, I’m not.”
“Okay, I’ll see how I feel. Have a good flush.”
“Yes (laughing), see you later in the week then. Get better soon.”


Anonymous said...

isn't that as bad as Fat dvae taking a dump while he's on the phone? i would have just let it ring.

Anonnoblog said...

It's really not as bad as Fat Dave having a crap and phoning people mid function. At least I had finished my business, and I hadn't phoned out.