Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Nige on the London Eye

Nige is off next week for a few days to go to London. One of the Dave’s is having a go because he is taking his missus to see “Joseph”, which Dave id telling him is effeminate, or even gay. On top of this Nige lets slip that he is also planning to go on the London Eye, which is not his choice because he is scared of heights. He says that he is going to stand in the middle of the car with his eyes shut for most of the time, which mark tells him is about 40 minutes. Mark has been on and enjoyed it, he didn’t realise there was so much greenery in London. Dave tries to tell Nige that the cars are very wobbly, and knowing that Nige can’t swim reminds him that the whole thing is above the Thames, so if any of the cars fall off, they’re going straight into the water.
“Surely that’s better,” I say “…being a softer landing than the tarmac.”
“Not if you can’t swim,” says Dave.

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