Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pop Quiz

There’s not a lot of work in at the moment, and with tomorrow being “Clean your desk” day Junior asked what we could do to keep everyone entertained. We ended up with a kind of quiz that they could do at some stage of the day. I did my ten questions and we’re just waiting for Junior to do his ten. I e-mailed my part over to Junior and Karen, and was promptly beckoned over and told “you’re going to have to change one of the questions, someone might take offence.”
It was obviously the Helen Sweep question, which she knows nothing about. I told them that she would not know what it referred to. “But she’ll be asking everyone about it though.”
“We could leave her out of the quiz”. But they thought she would get offended if she wasn’t allowed to join in, so question 7 has got to come out. I wasn’t sure what we should give as a prize. I suggested we all club together and by the winner breakfast on Monday. Karen said that she wouldn’t mind paying for that, but Junior pointed out that not everyone has breakfast in the canteen. Junior came up with the crazy idea of giving them a free hours worth of overtime for nothing, but I don’t see how that would have worked out, especially if whoever won didn’t usually do overtime.
I eventually volunteered a company mug as a prize, which seemed quite popular.
“Where are you going to get one of them from?” asked Junior.
“Have you got one, where from? Can you get me one?”
I told him that Andy had got me one, but they were very easy to come by because there was a big box full of them at the other end of the office. All Andy was doing was going and pinching them one or two at a time, to order.
“If I get in early, as usual tomorrow I’ll go and grab a couple.”
“Will you grab one for me as well?”

When I leave the office I tell Karen I’m changing question 7.
“That’s good,” she says. “What are you changing it to?”
“Who’s buying the sausage rolls for Clive’s leaving do?”


Anonymous said...

Who won the quiz? did anyone get many right? they all sound like duffers.

Anonnoblog said...

Eric and one of the Steve's came joint first. So we got two prizes and let them decide between themselves which they prefered. Eric had the company mug, and Steve - the umbrella with the company logo on.