Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Dictaphone man

Some old guy comes into the office looking round, stops in the middle, says something into a Dictaphone he has in his hand and goes over to the coffee machine. He gets himself a cup of coffee, talks some more into his Dictaphone, then walks off out of the office.
“Who was that?”
“Haven’t got a clue.”
“What was he saying into his machine?”
“He was talking too quiet to hear.”
“Probably – “I’m going to get a nice cup of coffee now”.
“Maybe he has Alzheimer’s disease. So he has to talk into the machine so that he can remember what he’s supposed to be up to.”
“What, like- “I’m going to the fourth floor to get a cup of coffee. I’m wondering aimlessly around the office until I find a coffee machine. I’ve found a coffee machine, is that what I was looking for? Why did I want the coffee machine? What’s my name again? How does this Dictaphone machine work?””
“He’s probably gone out into the corridor now to listen back to find out where he came from.”
“Do you think he’s only gone to get a loaf of bread from the shops and got lost?”
“That reminds me of the boss at my first job.”
“Why did he have Alzheimer’s?”
“No. He had a Dictaphone. Everyone else in the office had to write out their letters in rough and hand them over to the typing pool. One day one of the guys asked him “can I borrow your Dictaphone?” Of course he said “No, use your finger like everyone else.”

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