Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Alan quits World Of Warcraft

Alan comes in all smiles and announces that he’s cancelled his World of Warcraft subscription. Technically he can play till the end of the month, but he managed to stay off it all last week. He’s been trying to give it up for some time and even half heartedly started his own blog “WOW Rehab”. I don’t think he added much to it though.

As a celebration I'm posting this video we found the other week. it's a bit long. Basically the guy spends too much time on WOW that his girlfriend decides that the only way to get him interested in sex again is to dress up as a character from the game and do a dance (which is supposedly a real dance that the characters do).

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Anonymous said...

What's he going to do with his spare time? Are his characters up for sale? If so, how much for?