Monday, 22 October 2007

Eb the hit-man 2

Eric comes back on Monday morning. He’s been on holiday fort the last week. He went to Weymouth, which I doubt is that much fun when it’s cold. Also he had gone home on the Friday before that with a migraine. This was the day of his interview for a promotion, although he didn’t really fancy the job he was going to get more money ( He didn’t get the job, but I’m told he did a very good interview and would probably get one of the next lot of promotions that are coming up soon.). Karen had sent him home as soon as his interview was over because she could see he was ill.
He asked what he had missed while he was off. I told him we had gotten rid of Helen, although not to the section we were going to get rid of her to. Then I told him about Eb not denying he was a hit-man. He looked quizzically at me, as if to say why would Eb deny he was a hit-man, I explained about Steve’s accusation while they were discussing what his sideline was, and that he had only laughed it off rather than deny it. So I explain that he should be careful what he says to him until we have cleared things up. Then when Eb comes in we ask him about his weekend, and if he’d done any business. Then we ask if he had bumped off anyone. Again he just laughed it all off, not saying NO to the accusation.
When the subject came up later on in the afternoon Alan said that he had just laughed, not denying it. Now we go around pointing two fingers at his head, like a gun, when he’s not looking.

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Anonymous said...

I might have some work for him. Can you find out his rates?