Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Business on the 3rd floor

Business on the 3rd floor is picking up for Nige and his DVDs. Although there seems to be one Indian guy in particular who’s always coming up and asking Nige for loads of stuff. He was up again this morning asking for two copies of Prison Break, Heroes, enquiring how much they were. Nige sticks to his pricing system of £2 per single DVD, £3 for doubles, then six DVDs or above are £8. After he’d gone back downstairs I spoke to Nige about him.
Me: “Do you think he’s selling those on at a profit, adding £1 on to each one?”
Nige: “He could be. I wouldn’t put it past him.”
Me: “He does seem to be bringing up a lot of orders, as if there’s something in it for him as a middle-man.”
Nige: “Well, last week he tried to knock me down in price. He came and asked me for two more copies of Lost series 3, he’d already had one copy before then he asked if he could have them for £15 instead of £16.”

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Anonymous said...

He should refuse to do business with him.