Thursday, 25 October 2007

Job seeking

Yesterday Mark and Andy both went for job interviews at the same place. It was a big deal, because they’d both got suits on, which is unheard of for Andy, as he usually appears as a right scruff. He had even straightened up his hair.He was trying to find out if the secretary had got any plans to marry her boyfriend soon.
“I’ve got a suit now, I’ve got to get some use out of it.”

First thing this morning Mark is telling us about his interview for the office manger job he went for. He’s looking to poach a few people with him. The pay and conditions are much better than here, although we’d have to travel a bit. After he’s walked back up the office with his coffee, I turn to Nige, who’s been listening too.
Me: “Do you think he could get Clive a job then?”
Nige: “Clive’s here till he retires, unfortunately.”
Me: “Clive will die peacefully in his sleep, at this desk.”

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Anonymous said...

Are any of then employable anywhere else? should they be let out into the community?