Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dan's short days

It was about 9.45 when Dan phoned me to tell me he was going to be late in. I told him that he already was. 9.30 is the latest he should be starting without getting prior notice. It was about 10.45 or 11.00 when he eventually turned up. He just complained that he hadn’t gone to sleep until 5.00 in the morning. More like he hadn’t gone to bed till then. What was funny was that when people started leaving at 3.00 in the afternoon, which is the earliest you can leave on flexitime, he turned round and said:
“Oh, it’s home time. That came round fast.”
“It does seem a short time from when you got in.” I told him.
He did manage to stay until 4.00. He’s going to have some time to catch up at the end of the month again.

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