Friday, 18 April 2008

New female presence

Since the latest move-round there are a lot more female staff up our end of the office now. It’s tough to gage how much of a sense of humour they have, or how quickly we might offend them. They normally get away with wearing anything they want to work, tee shirts often. This morning one of them turned up in a crisp white blouse and I was at a loss whether to mention that she looked smarter, or nice. I could have got the “I normally look like crap, do I?” response. Or I could have appeared creepy, commenting on her clothes. With the lads in the office it’s easy to just get stuck in if they’ve made a mistake with their shirt or a new pair of shoes. We would just rip into them. Today though, I’ve decided to bite my tongue until I’ve managed to work out how easily they might be offended.

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