Friday, 4 April 2008

Late Friday shenanigans

Andy and Dave continue their reign of terror on Jim, telling him that he is repeating himself all the time. With most of this end of the office going at 3.00 on Friday afternoon I could hear more of what was going on. When Jim goes out of the office to use his mobile Andy says “You know were talking about football now? Well when Jim comes back stop talking completely, so he thinks we’re talking about him…plus, if he sees were talking about football he’ll star and you won’t be able to stop him.”
They play up Mo a bit, and ask him to get them a round of drinks in, which he does.
When Jim comes back in:
Jim: “Mo’s still here look, he loves it down here.”
Mo: “We were just talking about you. I might as well be off because they’ll stop now.”
Jim: “That’s alright mate, I’m used to it by now.”
Mo goes and Andy and Dave carry on niggling away at Jim. He sneezes (quite loudly).
Dave is straight in: “You have to make a meal of things don’t you, even when you sneeze.”
Jim sees that everyone else has got a coffee and complains, then goes and fetches his own. The others tell him that he wasn’t around when Mo got the drinks in. When he got a bit het-up he also came out with: “You’ll be waking up with a crowd around you.”
Andy: “He’s getting all confrontational.”

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