Friday, 25 April 2008

Foreign film

When Nige comes in we get down to discussing what new films he’s got. Dan and Andy had been asking about a film called “The Recorder”, which is apparently like the “Blair Witch” but involving zombies.
Nige: “Isn’t she supposed to be a reporter?” asks Nige.
Dan: “Yeah. I watched “The Orphanage” last night”
Me: “Was it scary?”
Dan: “I don’t know if you’d find it scary, I’ve become de-sensitized.”
Nige: “Did the sub-titles come on automatically?”
Dan: “No, I had to turn them on.”
Me: “It’s subtitled, not dubbed?”
Dan: “Yes, it’s Spanish. By the same guy who did Pan's Labyrinth, all subtitled.”
Me: “I couldn’t watch it. I’m too lazy to read subtitles…How about if you stick it on your computer and as you watch it record yourself reading the subtitles?”
Dan: “I’d like to do that. I could do all the different voices.”
Me: “I think that would add extra entertainment levels, listening to you doing the voices.”
Dan: “Yeah. I’ll do that.”

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Vint Cerf said...

Yes. I can't stand foreign films with subtitles. If he gets his version done let me have a copy to watch myself. Lovely blog by the way.