Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Nige's new nose

Nige was back this week. I asked him how he liked his new nose (I don’t think it’s any different in shape). He says he’s very happy with it, but he didn’t have a very good recovery period. He’d got an infection in the first week and felt dreadful. Some of it must have been the effects of the anaesthetic as well. For the first week he felt tired all the time and didn’t feel like doing anything.
“That’s like what Dan has.” I told him.
He’s much better now and happy that he can breathe better. He’s still having to wash out his nostrils with a salt water and bicarbonate of soda mixture.
When Mark was hassling Nige, I told Mark that he would offer him out on the car park, as long as he avoided his nose.

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