Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Eric's cookie

Eric came down the office to talk to Nige, in a pretend strop. He couldn’t really keep a straight face. As it turns out, Mark had upset Nige this morning before Eric got in and Nige had seen a packet of cookies on Mark’s desk and given them a bashing (physically, not edibley/ smashing them up in the packet). As it ends up, they were Eric’s cookies. He’d got some stuff on Mark’s desk because he was showing him the ropes for his new job.
Mark: “I watched him do it.” (he’d let him carry on, knowing they weren’t his cookies)
Steve: “They’re still edible aren’t they?… Save him having to do so much chewing.”


Dan said...

He must have been vexed to mash-up someone's cookies.

Ann Tiseptic said...

I agree. You shouldn't mess with another man's cookies. He must have been really riled to do that.

Carla said...

Did anyone buy him some more cookiies? I'd start a fund for him. Have a whip-round.