Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lorna’s lettuce

Lorna is a strange girl. She drinks warm water instead of coffee, and comes to work with bags full of chopped up lettuce which she eats during the afternoon. For dinner today she had a lasagne from the canteen which stunk the place out, then started munching on her big bag full of lettuce. Around this time Mark is down our end of the office.
Mark: “Are you eating lettuce, Lorna?”
Lorna: “Yes. I happen to like it. I could eat it all day.”
Mark turns to Nige.
Mark: “I bet you wish you liked eating lettuce.”
(After a pause) Nige: “Do you know what I like about You?”
Nige & Mark(together): “Nothing!”

Later on Andy walks down to see what films Nige has got new, just as Mark is shouting more abuse down the office.
Nige: “I’ll sort you both out.”
Andy: “I’ve got no beef with you… I’m on your side when it comes to him.”

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Carla said...

Has she ate so much lettuce that she has turned green?