Thursday, 17 April 2008

Steve's thought power

I walked past one of the Steve’s this morning, he looked to be staring at his screen without moving either hand.
Me: “Trying to move things on the screen using the power of your mind?”
Steve: “Yes, (sarcastically back) that’s exactly what I’m doing.”
Me: “It’s not working. ..You need one of those hats to enhance your brainwaves.”
Steve: “They actually do sell them nowadays.”
Me: “No, one of those home-made silver foil things with coat-hanger antennae on.”
Steve: “Yes that would help greatly.”
Me: “Traditionally though, they’re used to stop the aliens reading your thoughts aren’t they?”
Steve: “Yes, I know the kind of thing you mean.”

1 comment:

Scary Steve said...

I believe I can move stuf around by the power of my mind.