Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Abuse Of Equipment

No, this isn't people swearing at the prnters or computers when they don't work.
This was aserious e-mail sent round to us all today:

Subject: Abuse Of Equipment

In recent weeks, being a mixture of both misuse and deliberate vandalism, the following incidents have occurred:
Resulting in the mechanism being completed jammed, an entire textbook (French Language) was fed into the shredder. Needless to say, the offender very kindly left the machine jammed and as a consequence, a considerable amount of time was spent clearing it by an innocent party.
Resulting in the guillotine cutting tool being pushed up and onto the protective plastic cover (causing considerable damage), someone attempted to cut something other than a sheet of paper. Having been unsuccessful in obtaining replacement parts, a new guillotine has been order at the cost of £600+.
Resulting in the machine being no longer serviceable, the wire binder has been misused.
Resulting in the need for the engineer to be called in, THREE large paperclips were deliberately fed into the mechanism of the large print machine in the print room. Again, needless to say, this proved very expensive in both callout charges and machine down time.
Obviously, will can ill afford incidents of this nature and I would therefore be grateful if you would speak to your team members accordingly.

Does abuse of the equipment include psychological abuse? We wondered.

Now we have an odd boss who likes to joke around, to the extent that no-one takes him seriously.
He could say to someone "Get that report on my desk by Monday".
They would reply: "Oh yes, that's alright, no problem." Believeing him to be joking.
Then come Monday he would ask "Where's the stuff I asked for?"
You would respond "What stuff?"

A case in point was yesterday:
We are currently advertising a job which we wanted one of our own staff to get (a promotion). The boss comes over to my Team Leader and tells her-
" You know that job we advertised that Junior was going to go for. Well he didn't get his application form in before the due date, so were going to have to go with the only other guy that applied."
To this Carol replied "Oh no, he's always leaving things to the last minute. He's been waiting ages for this promotion, you can't let someone else have the job, he'll be mortified. We'll have to re-advertise the job."
He lets her carry on like this for a while, then goes "You know who the other candidate is as well don't you?"
"Songbird Jim." (Who she can't stand).
Obviously now, she knows he's joking and calls him a lying bastard, but she was close to tears.
Consiquently his standing has diminished further. So the next time he tells anyone anything, they will not believe him.

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