Friday, 8 June 2007

Friday (before Dan's operation)

Alan wants breakfast early, so we all go down without Dan. When we get back upstairs Dan is in, with a McDonalds breakfast.
Nige asks if he’s going to be eating all day, because he can’t eat anything after 10.00 tonight because of his operation. Dan goes down a bit later on in the morning before breakfast finishes for a bacon and egg sandwich.

Nige asks if he’s going to be in the hospital all weekend. Neil gloats:
“You’re gonna be in hospital on Saturday night. I’m gonna be in a lapdancing club.”
“You’re gonna spend Saturday night in a police cell.” Dan retorts.
“You’re gonna end up face to face with the armed response unit outside the nightclub.”

Later on as Neil is leaving (he’s doing half a day, then going to meet his mate in the city centre to get their outfits) he comes round to say goodbye.
“Don’t forget Neil – if you come face to face with the armed response unit, drop your weapons.”

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Carla said...

What's wrong with Dan's arm? why does he need an operation?
Also. Surely you can't walk around city streets with replica guns these days