Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Neil gets in to work late and drunk

About 11 o’clock Neil turns up, I’m not sure if he’d phoned the boss to say he was going to be late, but he came past me and said “Morning, I’m not stopping”. He smelt of alcohol, and we couldn’t figure out if he’d actually been to bed. His eyes looked like they weren’t focused. He stayed for a while talking to the boss, and at one stage looked like he was showing him photos of his brother’s stag night. Then Junior put on his coat and helped him out of the office.
“I advised him to go home, and book the day off as holiday because he’s down on his flexi-time.”
No mention of the drunkenness. Alan comes over and confirms that he must have been pissed. Junior had offered to take him home because he’d never get to the station in one piece. (This is the guy that catches the train into work because he’s been banned from driving for 18 months).

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