Monday, 25 June 2007

Undead on 6th floor

As I explained in an earlier blog, “Abuse of office equipment”, someone has been messing about with the machines and apparatus in the print-room until now; the large plan trimmer has been broken completely. They are now waiting for one to be imported or made within two to four weeks. So any copies of large drawings that we have to send have to be trimmed off on the sixth floor, on their trimmer which has a very small blade and will only do one print at a time.
The sixth floor has a reputation for being quiet, even though there are the same number of people working up there. I had to go up on Thursday afternoon and it was so quiet, the trimmer squeaked every time I trimmed a drawing and everyone looked up to see where the noise was coming from. It wasn’t as bad this morning because I went up early there were some people who hadn’t arrived, and there was even a bit of talking. People saying good morning to each other and even discussing if they had had a pleasant weekend.
I was complaining about this to Steve when I returned to the fourth floor and likened it to the “Body snatchers”, when the aliens realise that there is someone human about… “and they point and open their mouth and let out a high pitched scream.”
He knew the exact bit of the film I meant.
So we discussed what is behind the phenomena of the quiet sixth floor.
“Maybe there is someone up there that has fallen out with everyone, and no one is talking to them. Or there’s someone up there that they all fear and he tells them all to be quiet.”
“That would make sense, because there was some talking going on this morning. Maybe whoever it is doesn’t come in until later.”
“Maybe the guy comes in every morning and shouts at everyone to be quiet.”

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