Sunday, 17 June 2007

Dan's arm

Someone had asked why Dan needed an operation on his arm. Some while back he was in a fight (it does so8und like a violent office, with Dan getting into fights and Neil coming into work once a month with black eyes, but it’s not. I will tell you about Jen getting dropped on her head during a night out in another post though). This was back in the days when his mate Lee worked with us, he recommended Dan for his job here, but he did tend to get Dan into a few difficulties. Consequently Dan took a bit of a beating and dislocated his shoulder. He had treatment for this at the time, but often complained about it aching for some time after.
Then one day, about six months later, he was putting on his coat to go home and dislocated it again. He tried to be brave about it, but he apparently stood by the lift with his coat on in tears with the pain. A passing woman came in and asked if we knew the guy in the corridor. Lee went out and brought him back into the office and called him an ambulance. He followed the ambulance in his car and stayed with Dan for some time at the hospital until he was released, bandaged up and with painkillers. This got my boss and his boss involved trying to do reports for the company’s safety department. They had to decide if it was a work related injury, and a lost time injury. This was difficult because he had dislocated it in the office, but he had switched off his machine and was technically going home. For a couple of months after this Dan showed up in the monthly team brief, and people were warned to be careful putting on their coats.
This is embarrassing because the whole of the company get this team brief every month, and of course people would ask questions during team brief (in other departments) about how someone could dislocate their arm putting on their coat.
In recent time this has only just been overtaken by a woman who fell while walking down the stairs, culminating in everyone in the company having lessons on how to walk up and down stairs safely. This is true.
Dan has had regular visits with a consultant at the hospital, who even tried some keyhole surgery on his shoulder ligaments. This did not work, so Dan has ended up needing proper surgery with bolts being put through his shoulder bone.
Even though he is a popular member of the team, there is a bit of resentment from some of them because of the company paying him for 4 to 6 weeks to convalesce at home. Although, most people were happy to lend him armfuls of DVDs to watch while he was off work.

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