Friday, 29 June 2007


We’re all frustrated in our jobs this morning, for some reason. Waiting in the queue for breakfast we ended up looking at the birthday cards, with very poorly drawn cartoons and even worse jokes on them. The one which Steve wanted to know the ending too was:
“Two old women were walking down the street when a naked man ran past. One of them had a stroke…”
Steve asks: “Have I got to buy the card to find out the ending of the joke?”
Junior: “No, it’ll tell you on the back.”
He picks it up and reads on:
“…but the other one missed.”
“That’s very poor.”
“It is. That really pisses me off. Someone gets paid for thinking up that kind of crap. I could think up better stuff than that.”
“Yes, you are good at thinking up crap.” (grinning)
“And some bastard gets away with drawing really crappy cartoons like that.”
“No, that pisses me off.”
He points to a card with stick men drawn on it.
“Some bastard can get away with drawing stick men on the front of birthday cards. Then someone else thinks they’re going to sell and they get distributed all over the country.”

Standing by the lift we’re waiting for Junior and Chris to pay at the counter. The lift comes and Junior gets to the lift and we hold it for Chris. Then Junior is in a peculiar mood and gestures to Chris to hurry up. Then when he sees that Chris has paid he jumps in the lift and hits the button as Chris is walking to the lift. Then when we get off on our floor he hits the buttons for the floors above us, so Chris is going to have to wait for the lift to go all the way up, before it comes back down for him.
Then when Chris does eventually turn up with his sandwich, Junior apologises for doing it.