Tuesday, 26 June 2007

World of Warcraft

Alan comes in late. Junior says to him “Another late night on the World of Warcraft?”
Alan smiles, but says “No”, but because he’s given him a smirk Junior reckons he’s right.
They get onto talking about World of Warcraft and Alan explains his ordeal that he’s been through to get his “cloak of second sight” in World of Warcraft. Junior also plays World of Warcraft and tells us how much of a telling off his missus gives him if he spends all night on the computer playing it. Alan doesn’t get so much grief because his girlfriend plays it too.

It brings back to mind the time when Alan was off sick unexpectedly (yes it does happen) and he left a post-it note on his desk with a note scribbled on it saying how much silver or gold he needs to buy some “spell pants”. The day he came back we had to ask if he got his magic pants, and every time he mentions playing World of Warcraft I visualise him having to wear his magic pants before he can play.

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