Friday, 25 January 2008

Ashley Cole story

In the queue for breakfast this morning one of the Steves started on telling us about how penguins at the South Pole take it in turns to be in the middle of the huddle, so they take it in turns to keep warm. “That’s why they are always moving”, he tells us. So we start to look round for something more interesting to talk about and spot the newspaper headlines. “Ashley cheats”, about Ashley Cole cheating on his girlfriend. Eric suggests that we try and guess what he has cheated at, before we get round the queue to read more of the front page. After a few daft guesses Nige tells us the real story:
Nige: “I’d heard a bit about that on the news on the radio. Apparently he shagged this blonde hair-dresser, and told her not to tell anyone.”
Eric: “I heard a bit of that. Didn’t he stop halfway through to be sick on the floor?”
Nige: “Yes. She must have been a looker.”

After a pause for thinking, Eric says: “Do you think he got into trouble for diving in the box?”
Followed up with: “Do you think he got pulled-off at half-time.”


Carla said...

Very smutty,but still funny.

Niki said...

Does he have some store of smutty footballer jokes stored somewhere? I don't think you feature Eric enough, if he is always that quick witted.
Is that the same guy doing thde fruit juggling on the Youtube link?