Thursday, 24 January 2008

Dropping off the coffee

Jim gets a round of drinks from the coffee machine. As he’s delivering Nige’s he just lets go of the cup before it’s on the table and it goes all over the document he’s working on. There’s a bit of a commotion and two people run off to find paper towels from the toilets. While they’re gone, Nige is trying to pick up his document carefully, because the coffee has settled like a big pool , so that if he manages to get it away from his desk it won’t wreck anything else. Jim comes back with paper towels and sees him like this.
Jim: “If I hold it up, it will still be okay to drink, if you put your head one end and I slowly tip the other end up for you.”

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Leanne12 said...

Is Jim a clumsy geezer as well as an irritating one? did he cause much damage, have you got to reprint stuff?
Can you reprint it?