Monday, 21 January 2008

Rachael and the tale of Sweeney Todd

Since the New Year we have had Rachael back working with us for two days a week. She went on maternity leave for some time, then returned, part-time, working on the bureau section. She now does a job-share thing working on our section, since Russell decided he wanted to go part-time (doing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays). She’s not the best worker, slow, and always looking for something to distract people from their work. She heard me talking to Mark about Fat Dave, and how bad he used to be. She said “I’m a bit like that aren’t I?”
I did try to re-assure her with a “No. You’re not as bad as Dave used to be.”
This backfired a bit, and she came back with “I am fairly bad then?”
I managed to leave it at that, but to be honest, she knows how bad she is. There’s not that much we can get her involved with working only Mondays and Fridays.

Later on we got talking about then new Sweeney Todd film, when they were asking about what new films Nige had found. (I'm still surprised that nobody has mentioned how much Sweeney Todds appearance is the same as the Damned's Phantasmagoria phase).Rach knew that Sweeney Todd had murdered people, but didn’t know that Helena Bonham Carter’s character baked the meat into pies.
Rach: “I wish we could slaughter a few of this lot.”
Me: “Clive would make a few pies wouldn’t he?!”

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