Friday, 25 January 2008

Run down

As we are nearing the front of the queue Jason comes and joins the end of the queue:
Jason: “Have you heard the news about Andy?”
Me: “What news is this?”
Jason: “He’s been run over. On a zebra crossing. Sustained some head injuries apparently”
Me: “When was this?” (not sure if it was a joke yet)
Jason: “This morning, on his way to work I think.”
Me: “Where about was it?”
Jason: “I don’t know.”
Dan: “Was it in the car park?”
Eric: “Did someone speed up to get him?”
Me: “Oh maybe. There are still some people not happy about the Christmas party thing.”

As it turned out he was mostly just shaken –up and bruised.


Carla said...

did he really get run over, or was it a joke?

Niki said...

You shouldn't make light of it, he could have been killed.

Anonymous said...

is he OK? Is he in hospital?