Thursday, 3 January 2008

Fashion over function

In the queue for breakfast I got next to a couple of people I knew from the third floor. I had to exchange pleasantries and ask how their Christmas was. Jo complained that it’s all over too quickly. I told her that it’s months of build-up for a couple of days, and it’s all an anti climax:
Me: “…And Santa never brings you what you really want.” (she laughs for a bit)
Jo: “Well I got what I wanted.”
Me: “What did you get then?”
Jo: “I got a few things…like my watch.”

Then she unveils a square, silver DKNY watch, with DKNY spelt out on the face in jewels of some kind. The hands, however, were tiny and there are no numbers on the face.
Me: “Has it got hands on?”
Jo: “Yes, look.”
Me: “How do you know which way up it goes?”
Jo: “That’s the right way up.”
Me: “How do you know what the time is with no numbers on?”
Dave: “Yes, it’s impossible to tell the time with it.”
Jo: “It’s ten to nine look.”
Dave: “What if it’s dark? How can you tell the time then?”
Jo: “I can’t tell the time in the dark, or in the car. I can’t just quickly look down and tell the time.”
Me: “Are those real diamonds?
Jo: “…They must be.”

She seemed happy that it was nice to look at, even though telling the time was impossible.

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Anonymous said...

Women are the least practical minded of the species.