Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Junior's health scare

Junior was off yesterday with a hangover from the weekend. He was deciding with the boss whether to put it down as a virus or infection on the system. He came over and told me about his excessive drinking at the weekend, then he complained about a pain just below his chest on the right hand side. He’s either lay too long on the one side yesterday, or ate late and got wind or indigestion. I then went on to mention his appendix as a joke:
Junior: “No. Your appendix is down there.” (Pointing lower down)
Me: “Yes. I was only kidding.”
Junior: “What organ is it there then?” (Pointing to his pain)
Me: “Oh. That’s your liver.” (guessing) “It could be enlarged from the amount of drinking you did at the weekend. You could have the onset of liver disease there.”
Bearing in mind the last time he asked about medical matters (with his eyes watering) when he had to go and get his eyes examined, I thought he would have taken it with a pinch of salt. Now he’s surfing the net to find out what are the symptoms of liver disease and considering going to the doctor.


leanne23 said...

is junior Ok now?

Adam2001 said...

The guy is a fool. A hypocondriac. You could probably convince him that his brain was going to explode if he thought too much. I'll let you have that to try on Monday.