Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Borrowed headphones

Talking to one of the Steve’s this morning I asked why he wasn’t listening to the music off his memory stick, like he does normally. He told me he hadn’t brought his headphones in today.
Me: “Won’t someone lend you a spare set? Alan isn’t using his.”
Steve: “Borrow someone else’s headphones? Isn’t that like borrowing someone else’s … toilet paper?”
Me: “You mean used toilet paper?
Steve: “Exactly.”
Me: “It’s not as bad as that is it, as long as they don’t have excess ear wax oozing out of their ears?”

So, is it safe or hygienic to use someone e else’s headphones? Let us know.


health professional said...

I don't think you should share headphones that go in the ears. it's just the thought of other people's ear wax mingling with your own. old style headphones (that don't go in the ears) should be O K though.

Carla said...

Second hand earwax.