Thursday, 24 January 2008

Photo Shy

For some reason the company are trying to take everyone’s photo again for the company portal. Neither Nige nor his misses are particularly photogenic, in fact there are a fair few of them in the office who I would have thought would have broken the camera by looking at it. Rob is the new head of Reprographics and is going round trying to organise people to go and have their photo taken. For some reason Lorna is camera shy, and Rob lets her off. As soon as he comes over to Nige, Nige tells him that he’s not having his photo taken either:
Rob: “Mel (Nige’s misses) won’t have hers taken either. I’m determined to get at least one Williamson on the portal.”
Nige: “There’s a Kevin on the third floor.”


Anonymous said...

Is that what Nige looks like? He's not photogenic is he.

Anonymous said...

Ugly bastard.

Carla said...

That's not Nige. It's Al Capone (famous gangster).