Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Sad New Year

Everyone hates coming back to work in the New Year after they’ve had a bit of time off over Christmas. The seasonal festivities are always an anti-climax to months of build-up. All you’ve got to look forward to is the terrible icy weather and catching a nasty cold from your workmates.

We have to look forward to Rachael coming back to work on our department, and probably Crazy Helen too. The Helen thing hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but where she is working now she hasn’t made the greatest of impressions, and they want rid of her.

To cap it all off, Dan’s dad died the week before Christmas. The funeral is Friday.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Dan's dad. hope the New Year gets better for you all.

Carla said...

Also sad to hear about Dan's family bereavement. Hope he's okay.
Happy New Year.

andy said...

Very sad to hear about Dan's dad. Hope he's okay when he gets back to work.

Carla said...

How is Dan? Is he back at work yet? Did he cope okay with the funeral?

Anonnoblog said...

Dan's okay, he came back to work in the first week of the new year and he seemed quite good. We talked a bit about the funeral and he's had to do a lot of stuff, being the new "head of the family" (does that make him sound mafia linked? He's been spending all his time and money getting his car repaired lately.