Wednesday, 30 January 2008


There was a lot of rubbish talked about how last night’s asteroid was going to affect us. So this morning we are discussing it. A couple of the guys hadn’t even heard that there was an asteroid heading for Earth last night. In walks Mark. His hair is virtually upright, vertical.
Me: “Did the asteroid skim your head?”
He just walks past without comment.
Dan: “It looks like he’s been driving with his head out of the window.”

Later Mark is at the coffee machine generally moaning.
Mark: “Why are all the DVDs so poor quality these days?”
Nige: “That’s twice now you’ve had a pop at my videos. You don’t get a third chance.”
Mark: “Don’t take it personally.”
Nige: “You’re going on my list. I ain’t selling you anymore videos.”
Paul comes along
Nige: “Nor him. He’s banned too.”
The argument goes on for a bit longer. Then looking at both their windswept hairstyles this morning,
Nige says: “They’re like Bert and Ernie.”


Leanne23 said...

They are an argumentative bunch.

Adam2001 said...

Glad we didn't all die in the armagedon.

Sally267Jones said...

Very funny blog. Your office sounds like it's manned by a bunch of oddballs.

Anonymous said...

Which one is Bert and which one is Ernie?