Monday, 21 January 2008

How did you find your way in, in the dark?

Junior has been coming in early, because he has loads of flexitime to make up near the end of the month. He came in this morning around eight o’clock (I get in at 7.30, it doesn’t get light really until; 8.30) and I happened to be by the door when he arrived. I asked how he managed to find his way in, in the dark. He laughed it off with an “Is this what I’ve got to expect all day for showing up for a good days work?” I bit my tongue, but was dying to carry on about if he was actually going to do a full days work. He then collapsed into his chair and confessed that he wasn’t really fully awake, and was going to settle in for a bit before actually starting any work.
He went on to tell us how much he’d had to drink last night, and that he didn’t enjoy it and he was only drinking “because it was there.”
Later on he instigated an early trip down to the canteen, where he bad-mouthed the food in earshot of the staff, then asked for a particular sausage off the hot-plate because it looked nicer than the rest. Before he left the counter though he told the woman serving that he could smell stuffing. The woman told him that it must be her Albas oil, which she had on a tissue in her pocket, because she’d got a cold. Then she took her tissue out and waved it about, then put it back and carried on serving.

Since the New Year the canteen staff have been coming round with a trolley full of sandwich selections at dinnertime, so people don’t necessarily have to go down and queue up at dinnertime in the canteen. Having been on holiday on Friday I asked if I had missed anything, did anything happen? Did Clive move? One of the Steves said that Clive hadn’t moved, other than when the trolley came round at dinnertime. “He buys his dinner from the trolley now does he?” I asked “I wouldn’t be surprised on Friday (Payday) if he doesn’t try and buy the whole trolley.”

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