Thursday, 5 July 2007

Alan's "magic pants" quest

Alan is messing about on the portal, he explains that he’s selling some stuff and looking out for a bargain laptop.
“I was getting chatted up by e-mail last night.”
“Really, who by?”
“This girl on the portal who’d seen my decks for sale. She sent me this (shows me e-mail) asking if I’m into Happy Hardcore. Then she went on to tell me which club nights she goes to and where.”
“Is her photo on the portal?”
“Have you asked her to send a photo.”
“Why are you selling your decks after holding out for this long?”
“I’ve really got to get a laptop. The missus complains that I’m on the computer all the time in the evening.”
“And you make too much noise playing World of Warcraft?”
“No, I’m in a different room. She wants me to be in the same room, even though I’m not going to be paying her any attention.”
“Oh. I thought you had your computer in the living room and would make too much noise. I mean, each time you pull on your “Magic pants” that must make a “ping” sound.” (Karen bursts into laughter at the thought of his “magic pants”)
“I don’t actually have my “magic pants” yet. They cost a lot of gold.”

He goes on to explain that if he had a laptop he could bring it into work and sort out a Virtual Network Connection to his home PC, so that he could do his World of Warcraft trading stuff remotely while he was at work. He tells me that he’s tried it on his notepad/phone (which looks like a mini laptop, but is still basically a phone for surfing the internet), but the connection wasn’t fast enough. It sounds like his ulterior motive has given him more of an incentive to get himself a laptop than sitting next to his missus on the sofa in the evening.

“There’s this girl here on the portal advertising Ann Summers Parties.”
“You should ask her for photos.”
Then he gets her photo on the portal.
“It’s been stretched a bit, so her face looks fatter, but she has a cheeky look about her.”
“Email her and ask her about her knickers.”


Anonymous said...

Any news of Neil yet? Is he ever going to come back to work?

Carla said...

Whatever happened to Fat Dave? You don't mention him anymore.

Anonymous said...

There's a guy in my office who's into WOW (as they like to term it), he's always on his phone finding out who, out of his "clan", is going to be online that night, and what quest they are going to try.