Saturday, 7 July 2007

Canteen Staff

Some time ago in the canteen, they changed the staff around and put a much rougher looking woman on the counter that you order your sandwiches from. She’s a pleasant enough lady, but what makes her look rough is the fact that she has home-made tattoos on her arm. She has “John” in faded blue ink, very roughly written. Then on the other arm she has some initials. They aren’t too obvious, but if you’re queuing for any length of time, or if they’ve ran out of fried eggs to go on your bacon sandwich and you have to stand at the; counter there isn’t that much to look at. Now the only people you imagine have home done tattoos are people with a lot of time on their hands, possibly very drunk; but I imagine she’s been to prison. This puts a new slant on the rest of the canteen staff. I imagine that they could all have been to prison at some time (one of the jobs you see people doing in prison is cooking. You can just picture them spooning out massive mounds of mashed potatoes from giant catering sized vats). You can visualize that they might go into catering after they’ve left prison, if they’ve spent years doing that kind of work.
So obviously the next step is to imagine what crimes they’ve been in for. Then I can imagine them getting in each others way in the kitchen and knife fights breaking out.
Now usually it’s all in good spirits, but you do get a bit of banter down in the canteen, especially Junior. He can a bit picky and ask for certain bits of bacon with not too much fat on. I can imagine one of the ladies from the canteen cracking one morning, and lunging at Junior with the big knife they cut the sandwiches with.

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Anonymous said...

It is probably the only knid of job they could go into, other than construction, or laundry services.I'm going to take a close look at the lady that runs the launderette next week.