Monday, 30 July 2007

Alan’s World of Warcraft sadness update

Alan comes in late on Monday morning. He always stops for a chat on the way past before taking his coat off.
“Nice weekend?” I ask him.
“No, not really.”
“Why what have you been up to?”
“Nothing much. I took the kids over the park on Saturday. Then Sunday morning I was back in here working till about 1.00”
”Did you manage to stay off the World of Warcraft?”
He goes on to relay his sorry tale of how he was on it for 6 hours last night helping out a couple of duffers that are in his guild performing some task so that they can collect a key each. Apparently they all need a key each in order for his guild to perform the next task. He was even more pissed off when at the end of six hours they still had no key. I asked him why he didn’t get rid of them from his guild. He said that they had been there at the start up of the guild, and he would feel too guilty to tell them to go. “Isn’t it making the other members fed up and want to leave?”
“Yes, three of them, from Norway, logged on last night just to leave us a message that they were leaving to start up their own Nordik guild.”

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