Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Tattoos 2

Further to my previous post about Nige’s bulldog tattoo. This set off a whole conversation at the time about tattoos.
Rach has “Rachael” tattooed across her small of her back. When questioned why, she didn’t really have a reply. We did however think that this was a great idea. We’d been watching one of the CSI’s the night before (I never watch them that closely and couldn’t tell you which is “Miami”, “New York” or whatever) and we thought this practice would be really helpful for them. Everyone should have their name, and possibly post code tattooed on them somewhere, just in case they don’t have their wallet on them when they are murdered. We reassured Rach that this was a good idea, and that we were all going to have it done. We weren’t sure about, if we moved house, what we would do about the post code. You could have a small creature tattooed over the top of it and another number put underneath. This would also help in cases of identity fraud. You could go into the bank and drop your trousers in front of the cashier and show them your name tattooed across your buttocks, or anywhere else you decided to put it.
Nige put the dampers on the whole idea, because he has his son’s name tattooed along one of his arms as well. That would just confuse the investigators.

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