Sunday, 22 July 2007

Nige's nose

Nige was off the other afternoon with a hospital appointment to have a camera shoved up his nose. He was getting really worked up about it. Standing outside the lift we ask him about what he’s having done:
“They’ll most likely give you a local anaesthetic before they do it.”
“Why are you having that done?”
“Well, I went for a private consultation the other week to see what was going on. He told us he wanted to put a camera up there to see what was going on. He wanted to do it there and then, but he wanted to charge me for it. So he wrote off and got us an NHS appointment to have it done.”
“Maybe you won’t get an anaesthetic then.”

“How did you get on yesterday then Nige?”
“It wasn’t too bad. He’d got this spray that he sprayed up my nose to anaesthetise it. Then shoved the endoscope up it. It didn’t hurt at all while he was doing it, but afterwards, when the anaesthetic was wearing off it did.”

The doctor has confirmed he does have polyps, he also reckoned that one of his nasal cavities went off at an angle, and he now needed to go for a CAT scan to see where his cavity goes.
With everything going on with Neil as well, that makes two of my staff having “brain scans”. I’m not sure if they’ll find anything for either of them.

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