Friday, 27 July 2007

Not a bad Friday

In the lift at breakfast time, coming back up to the office, Nige had held the lift for me and Chris, with a few other people in who weren’t too happy at waiting.
Nige said: “If it had been Clive, we wouldn’t have held the lift.”
“If it had been Clive, he wouldn’t have fitted in the lift.” I told him.

Alan came in happy, about 10.15. He’s managed to get his "magic pants" for playing WOW. He was up until 3.00 am playing it last night, then got up about 6.00. He looks too happy for someone who’s only had 3 hours sleep. He tells us that his daughter Freya has thrown up all over him when he dropped her off at nursery this morning, so he’s had to go home and get changed.

Ginger Steve won the Helen sweep this morning, winning about £12, so he was happy. She came in at 9.55am, if anyone is keeping track.

We had a big influx of work yesterday, so Junior rallied round and got half of the staff to come in on Sunday. Junior isn’t coming in himself mind, he reckons he’s best man at a wedding on Sunday.
This morning they realised that they hadn’t got access rights to get into the building at weekends (those who hadn’t worked on a Sunday before). So I told them to go down and see security and they would probably get them to fill in a form and get it signed by my boss. Security asked them to get their boss to send an e-mail to request their access be upgraded.
How is this for laziness? Not known as someone keen on work, the boss asked the guys to send him a request (which he is obviously just going to forward on). How lazy is it to not write a request to security and e-mail it.
Eventually, when they went back down to security, the person they had asked them to e-mail was off sick and they were unable to open his e-mails, so they got them to send them again to a different e-mail address.

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Anonymous said...

Your boss sounds like a really lazy sod. nearly as bad as mine.