Monday, 2 July 2007

Heather and the admin team

On Friday Heather came over and in her childish pathetic voice said to me
“What shall I do about this job that’s due date is 2nd?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“It’s only a half hour job, and I’ll probably get it done, but if I don’t, what shall I do with it? Shall I pick up a job that’s dated 3rd instead?”
At the time I was quite busy (I do work quite hard a lot of the time).
I told her just to do the job, and if she didn’t get it finished we could finish it off on Tuesday and backdate it. Blame it all on the post or admin. It wasn’t like it was anywhere near home time.

I’m happy to blame admin for a load of stuff. They’ve had an influx of new staff that haven’t had any training and a let run riot around the building. We’ve been having incomplete files sent up by admin for a few weeks that have caused us agro, and stopped us from completing some jobs on time.
Then the other week I was asked by this short, fat geezer “Where are the jobs to go down stairs?”
Not knowing who he was I asked if he’d got job numbers of the ones he was chasing. He then explained he wanted any jobs that are ready to go downstairs and I realised he was a new admin bod. I pointed him in the direction of the basket for jobs that are ready to go to admin to send out, making sure that he knew that only the bottom basket was for downstairs, the top basket gets sent out somewhere different.
He’d been happily collecting stuff for a week or so, then on Friday he came up and asked if there are any jobs to go down. I had a look in the basket for downstairs and it was empty, so I said there weren’t any. Then he said “How about these in the top basket?”
I explained that they went somewhere else, and then he went pale.
“Oh. I emptied that this morning and took them downstairs as well.”
He ran downstairs as fast as his little fat legs would go, then fifteen minutes later he came back with the pile that he thought was all the ones he’d taken from the top basket. I sorted through them and was just in time to put them in the post where they go to.

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