Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Last day of the month

The last day of the month is truly amazing. The car park has much more cars in it. Then I get up to the office and there are people already in there you would not normally see until 9.00-9.30.
I ask Dan and Nige how much time they have to make up today. Dan tells me he’s three hours down, but due to the flexitime rules he can be two hours down at the end of the month, so he only has to do an hour. I’ve got an hour over and above the eight hours I can carry over for next month’s flexi-day.

They aren’t really beavering away though, even though they have got into work. Dan and Mark sod off back downstairs for a cigarette. Meanwhile Nige has bought in his portable DVD player in to show everyone the quality of the Simpson’s Movie download he copied on Monday, so that he can take some orders. After an hour he’s got nine requests for copies (which he says he will bring in tomorrow). These include printing on the DVD and a cover.

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