Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Goblin Rocket boots

Alan has been on the World of Warcraft again. He now thinks he’ll avoid it during the week and only play it at weekends. This morning he was telling us about some “capture the flag” style manoeuvre that he was doing with his “guild”. However one of the opposing team had some “Goblin rocket boots”. This meant that he could get higher than everyone else, so he would just grab the flag and get out of the way while the rest of his guild were trying to get Alan’s flag.
They deemed this as unfair, for some reason (it seemed as good a tactic that any other, and if you’ve invested in some “Goblin rocket boots” you want to get the best use out of them), so complained to the Games master. After about twenty minutes they got messages from the Games master saying that he would sort them out. Ending his message with:
The ogres will be released.”

Alan was hoping that they would get their character with the “Goblin rocket boots” taken off them.


Anonymous said...

This all sounds very nerdy. I she a nerd?

Anonnoblog said...

He's not so much a nerd. The boss calls him a geeks, but he calls anyone that cabn attach stuff to their e-mail geeks.certainly anyone with a blogspot we be regarded as a geek too.